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In pursuit of its advocacy and lobbying role with government, labour and other stakeholders, the Chamber relies on information, transparency and candour - vital ingredients if it is to remain the recognized, unified and authoritative voice of the mining industry in South Africa.

In keeping its stakeholders informed, the Chamber engages multi-channel communication which involve a range of flows of information and where necessary, an upgrade of its current communications technology and the resultant networking systems to enable effective multi-channel communication.


The Chamber remains committed in engaging stakeholders on matters that will grow the mining industry and enhance its competitiveness for the benefit of South Africa. It is with this goal in mind that the Chamber has collaborated with government and labour on a number of platforms to discuss issues of concern. The Chamber's advocacy function extends beyond lobbying government. Other stakeholders are as important if the mining industry is to face the country's economic challenges as a united front. The following bodies and forums are some of the platforms for interaction:

Further, the Chamber strives to create relevant communication channels to ensure that its messages reach the relevant targets timorously. Amongst which, are the publications, media and other stakeholder engagements, key committee and task team fora.

Media Engagement

Because of the high stature of the Chamber in the South African mining industry in both local and international media, the Chamber engages with a number of magazines and newspapers and uses its existing relationships with them to promote the mining industry nationally and internationally. Some of the publications that partnered with the Chamber and carries the story of mining in South Africa are Growth, Deep SA; Upper Reach Succeed/Essential; African Analyst Quarterly; and Mining Weekly. The Chamber also engages with the electronic media to debate and carry insightful information on the mining industry.

Click here to view the Media Room which includes our Media Releases, speeches, media archives and our photo gallery.


Introduction to the Chamber

This is an annual publication that gives an overview of the Chamber and how this organisation functions. It is a useful publication for new members in the Executive Council, Gold Producers and Colliries committees as it gives insight into the Chamber committees; benefits of Chamber membership; current projects and programmes; challenges, etc.

Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures provides statistical mining sector annual data as well as supporting information, comments and analyses. This is an annual publication, which highlights data that can be used to support decision-making. It is an invaluable source of mining information and statistics on the mining industry in South Africa, bringing together general mining industry information and product-specific data from a host of sources, including Statistics South Africa, the Minerals Bureau, the South African Reserve Bank, the mining houses and government departments.

Annual Report

The Chamber Annual Report is an annual publication, endeavoring to give a detailed and in-depth account of matters arising in the year of publication. It further strives to portray a true and fair view of the Chamber's annual performance, with audited financial statements prepared in accordance with company law and other regulatory requirements. It also serves as a platform for the different departments of the Chamber to highlight their specific challenges and achievements in the year under review.

Mining News

Mining News, the industry's most widely distributed publication, continues to provide valuable contact and communication with mines and employees. The publication, in the format of a monthly newspaper containing accurate and relevant information of interest to the industry's workforce, and written in easily read English.

The newspaper's adult basic education and training (ABET) section is widely used in formal training sessions at ABET centres and has proved to be a valuable educational resource. Feedback from ABET facilitators on the mines has shown that Mining News is often the first point of contact with a newspaper for many ABET learners.

Mining News enjoys a high degree of credibility among all categories of employees, especially among its mainly black readership. It has a circulation of 33 000.


Mining is a quarterly magazine that takes an in-depth look at mining issues. The publication strives to cover all major aspects and sectors of the mining industry in South and Southern Africa. Regular features include a wide-ranging consideration of the economic issues the industry faces today; skills development and environmental factors; the sometimes contentious issues of health and safety; the new legislative framework that is being created for mining. All issues are discussed in an unbiased manner with views from as many disparate people as possible.

SADC liaison


The Chamber plays an important role in the Mining Industry Associations of Southern Africa (MIASA) for which it also provides a secretariat service. MIASA is an association of the chambers of mines in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. One of MIASA's aims is to provide private sector input into the mining sector activities of the SADC to ensure a viable climate for mining into the future.

MIASA meetings discuss a number of initiatives, e.g. regional annual review of mine health and safety performance, regional skills survey, involvement with the New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) and the African Mining Partnership (AMP). Questions of how to take forward practically the outcomes of the Mining and Metals Sustainable Development (MMSD) Project, whether the association should be involved in the African Mining Network and how MIASA can play a role in the harmonisation of mining policies within the region also get discussed.

There is also an exchange of information on a range of issues like country developments regarding HIV/AIDS.